About Us

WhatCanTheyEat provides nutritional resources for everyday pet owners like yourself. Our content library helps you with common questions about what your pet can, or cannot eat — in the simplest and most effective ways possible.

Our aim is to be the one-stop resource for pet owners, where they can find exactly what their pet can or cannot eat!

Meet The Team

I’m Christine Walker, a pet nutritionist with seven years of experience. I founded WhatCanTheyEat to everything I know about what pets can (or can’t) eat, so their owners can help them live a happy, healthy life!

I’ve owned a whole lot of different pets over the years, including dogs, bearded dragons, geckos, and more.

Content And Editorial Guidelines

Every piece of content we publish is intended to be useful, original content. Prior to publishing, every piece of content is fact-checked and edited. This ensures that the content is readable, easy to digest, and accurate.

While our content does not intend to provide veterinary advice, we want to make sure everything is as accurate as possible for obvious reasons. Our content is intended to be used for a general nature only. It is not intended to substitute veterinary advice, please contact your veterinarian first.

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The only social media we’re currently active on is Twitter, where you can follow us to see our latest content right when it’s published.

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