The Journey Unplanned

A year ago today I knew our daughter was a victim of food allergies and following in her brothers foot steps, yet I really didn’t known what we were getting into.

When we gave Adelyn oatmeal cereal she handled it fine first few times but always slept like a rock after eating it. I brushed it off as her being full and didn’t know she was actually having small reactions to it. She had an episode of vomiting, lethargic, very pale and gassy a few weeks prior so I stopped the cereal. After going away for the 4th of July I decided to restart the solid food again because I wasn’t sure why she had the episode. I gave her half the recommended amount and she seemed fine. An hour later she became very lethargic, started projectile vomiting, and became pale. I knew that she was allergic to something in that cereal. We waited out the reaction not knowing how severe her allergy was and by that night she became herself again. Checking the labels I knew it had wheat in it. That was the only top 8 allergen it contained.

After putting our son through hell for 16 months with the trial and error process I knew I wasn’t doing that again with our daughter. I called the allergist first thing Monday morning and told them I believe she reacted to the wheat in the cereal. Knowing our sons history and how severe his dairy allergy is, they had me bring her in the next morning.

As I sat by her watching her back  welt up  I knew something was off. The nurse came in and read the results. She told me Adelyn was highly allergic to wheat and soy, pretty severe to dairy, and slight egg. My stomach turned to knots wondering how this little girl is going to be healthy avoiding all of those foods. If I only knew that day what the next week’s and months would bring and how this was just the tip of the iceberg. In the months to follow she was under weight (3rd percentile), made an ER trip pretty much unresponsive from oats in  Cheerios, added oats, corn, beef, and peanuts to the list of foods to avoid, and added a drug allergy.

Since then I began cooking and baking most things from scratch, reading and researching how to keep her (And our son) healthy, and trying to find answers to the question that everyone asks, “why does she have so many allergies?”

A year later and that question still goes unanswered, her allergy testing is showing negative even though she is still reacting to some foods, and she has had multiple GI bleeding episodes.

Through all of this she has managed to grow into this healthy, happy little toddler who loves the foods she can eat, loves to dance, and is obsessed with her belly button ☺

“Food Allergy is a journey I never planned for, but I sure do love my tour guides” NAW ARW



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