Should I EPI?

I’ll never forgot my son’s first severe allergic reaction at two months. I’ll never forget his second reaction either, or third or even the forth. I can tell you  what both kids were wearing, how much they ate, and how bad the reaction was to every reaction they’ve had. It’s something that doesn’t go away.

We have been very fortunate that we haven’t had to EPI our kids, but looking back on the reactions we should have!  What kills me is when people say ” I could never use the Epi Pen on my child” Or ” Well he has an Epi pen incase something happens ”
Okay first, having an Epi Pen is not a comforting feeling. Having to carry a life saving medicine is not something a child should have to do. Second, being a food allergy mom for five years now doesn’t make me any more comfortable about giving my child the Epi Pen. In fact it’s terrifying.
Our daughters last allergic reaction put her unresponsive in the ER. The trip to the hospital was terrifying! Having the Epi Pen in hand with the safety cap off ready to give it at any minute was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. The thoughts of “what if it doesn’t go off, what if it’s no good, how long should I wait, ” crossed my mind the entire time. So yes it’s better to have one than not but I’m not comfortable with it. I have been through multiple Epi Pen training sessions with the allergist and still am afraid to do it.

So When should you use an EPI Pen?? A lot sooner than you think! I have attached a link with the information about when and how to use an Epi Pen, but basically the first sign of a reaction you should use it. It won’t hurt your child if you EPI for even a mild reaction, but it will hurt your child if you wait to long.

Please take a look and educate yourself on the proper use of the EPI, how it works, and when to use it! This was a great reminder for me, and although it is terrifying, it’s better to EPI than not!



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