What’s Worse Than Being A Food Allergy Mom Is NOT Being One!

Our son had his annual allergist appointment yesterday and his dairy allergy is still off the charts severe! We were hoping that he would outgrow it by the time he went off to Kindergarten, but that isn’t the case. I always get upset after these appointments and think how unfair it is for our kids to have to live this life, to have to always take their own food, be extra careful and not have the cool birthday cake at the parties. I still feel this way, but last night something hit me, I’m a better person being a Food allergy Mom!

Before our son came along, I always found it annoying reading Facebook posts about someone questioning the doctors, restricting their kids diets, and I even believed that the milk allergy was just lactose intolerant! However being a food allergy mom has opened my eyes to so much! It has made me see life in a different way, always checking labels, baking from scratch, and now I’m the annoying one questioning the doctors!

Although it is a scary journey and I wish I could change it for them, I couldn’t ask for two better tour guides to help me though it!!


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I’m with you! I have two food allergy kids as well. Best of luck to you as you wade through the murky waters–it’s so challenging, isn’t it? But you’re right: you have the two best reasons in the world to be brave and learn to do it well. 🙂


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