Bananas, Garlic & Massages??

Both of my children had a chronic cough and cold for about four months. My sons would go away for a while, but our daughter was constantly stuffed up, coughing, and had a rattling sound in her chest. We took her to the doctors weekly to have her lungs checked. We were told it was viral, lungs were clear, but she had fluid in her ears. They weren’t red and bulging, so it just had to run it’s course.

Remembering back to when our son was a toddler having chronic ear infections, we were told to cut back on the bananas because they can cause mucus. My mother happen to be reading an article recently about the same thing and mentioned how our daughter lives off of bananas.

I decided to cut them out of her diet for two weeks to see if it helped. I also did some research about how fresh raw garlic is good for fighting infections(which I already knew) but decided to add some to her nightly smoothie. Don’t worry  I only put a little in so she couldn’t taste it! I then started giving her nightly ear and neck massages to help the fluid drain. After one week I noticed she didn’t have a cold, no cough, and the rattling was gone! I decided to add bananas back in to see what would happen. On day two the cough returned, the rattling was randomly back in her chest, and she was very congested. I immediately cut them out again!

When she went for her one year appointment yesterday, the doctor commented on how for the first time since September the fluid was gone and she didn’t have a cold! I explained what I was doing and his answer was “very bizarre, but it’s working!!”

I’m not sure if it’s the combination of no bananas, adding garlic, and the massage, or if one is helping more than the other. I just know that she is doing great and this is working!


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