The Crazy, Paranoid Food Allergy Mother!!

Unless you live in the food allergy world you may not understand why it is so scary, stressful, and all that goes into living this lifestyle. With every random hive, stomach bug, and messy diaper my mind races to what did they eat?

I feel as though many people think I’m over thinking things, paraniod, and ever a bit crazy! Our sons allergy has been pretty cut and dry. He is allergic to Dairy and as far as we know that is the only food. Yet our daughter has so many allergies and some not so common ones such as the corn, oats, and beef that even her doctor has used words like bazaar, strange  and the question “are you sure that’s what caused this reaction?” He reminds us at every appointment just how complex our daughter is and how she has proven him wrong time and time again.

My advice to anyone going through this is go with your gut. People will judge you, question you , and probably think you are crazy at times but you know your children better than anyone!! You are not alone! I too am a crazy paranoid food allergy mother!


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I see everyday what a wonderful Mom you are. I was at one time one of those who looked at people crazy when it came to allergies. I now know first hand how life threatening each reaction can be. I agree, unless you live it you don’t understand how serious food allergies are. So keep on being that crazy, Paranoid Mother who does what ever she can to keep her children safe, and educates not only family but others as well. Thank you ❤

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