A True Milk Allergy!

The milk allergy is the allergen I personally know the most about. Both of my children have it, but we have only watched our son go through a full blown milk reaction! I understand the struggles of trying to get doctors and people in general to listen and not just assume it’s a lactose thing. The milk allergy is one of the most common allergens in infants and many outgrow it within the first year of life. So when you have a child in preschool with a true milk allergy it is exhausting trying to make sure people understand that he does require an Epi Pen and he can not have lactose free products.

The milk protein allergy is when the body thinks the protein is harmful to your body and causes hives, vomiting, stomach cramps, and can cause anaphylaxis reactions. If milk or dairy is ingested my son usually doesn’t develop hives until AFTER his reaction. His reactions happen around two hours after he has milk, he gets very sleepy and starts vomiting in his sleep. He chokes on mucus and goes limp. Once his reaction ends (depending on how much milk or dairy he consumes) he will develop hives for the next 24hours. To many pediatricians this is odd. They learn to watch out for the classic hives, lip swelling, and throat closing.

Many people get this confused with lactose intolerant and think they are the same thing. I got into a heated discussion one day with someone about the difference between the milk allergy and lactose intolerant. She kept telling me she was allergic to milk and that she gets stomach cramps after drinking a glass of milk but once she takes a lactaid pill she is fine. She told me I should try it with my son! No, a glass of milk would put my son in the ER with an Epi Pen injection!

The picture below is my sons arm after milk touched it. His allergy is so severe he has a contact reaction to any dairy that touches his skin.


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