How Formula Was Best For My Children!

You hear all of the time how nursing is the best thing for both the babies and mothers. They are less likely to have allergies (food or environmental) if you exclusively breastfeed the first six months and they are less likely to have ear infection or sicknesses. However is breast always best? No!

First off I believe nursing is the mothers choice. Some people do not feel comfortable with it and society shouldn’t judge on how your baby is fed.

Second, I did try to nurse both of my children. My son was nursing and was constantly hungry. I tried to pump and wouldn’t get anything! He was losing weight at a rapid rate and the doctors made him come for weight checks every four days. They had me supplement formula after nursing but still pushed the nursing as the main food source. When we finally got him on a hypoallergenic formula that he could tolerate and he started gaining weight at a normal pace and I stopped trying to nurse.

My daughter was doing fine with nursing. Moving up the growth chart like she should and although she nursed every hour, we had no need to supplement. That was until we found out some of her allergens and I changed up my diet. My body went through a drastic change and stopped producing the supply she needed. At her six month checkup she had only gained 3oz in two months and was “failing to thrive” weight wise. The doctor searched for a safe hypoallergenic formula to put her on, and although I still nursed her  he wanted her mostly on formula. He said if she didn’t gain at least 3oz by the next weight check  she may be hospitalized and mentioned sending her to the Cleveland Clinic to meet with a specialist. Once she started the formula she quickly started gaining weight and moving up the chart with very little problems.

While Im still nursing her twice a day, formula is really what kept her out of the hospital and healthy. So when I read things about New York State wanting to put a stop to formula coupons it really bothers me. Not everyone chooses to nurse and not everyone can! In some cases formula is best! The formula our daughter is on cost $40 per week, and that is with me nursing also. We should be able to receive coupons from stores and manufacturers without the state stepping in.



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