Life Style Choice??

Being a food allergy mother, I’ve had a lot of support from family, friends, and even strangers on how to manage the food allergy world. Yet just like anything else, you always have some negativity to deal with.

We were out of town and had breakfast at this small diner. We made the waitress aware of our sons dairy allergy and also my dietary needs to keep our daughter safe. She seemed very understanding and brought us our order. When we finished eating my husband went up front to pay while I packed the kids up. Our waitress came over and asked how long it would be before we could eat “normal” again. My response was “when our children outgrow their allergies” She glared at me and told me she didn’t believe in food allergies, and that she didn’t understand why anyone would choose that life style. Of course this made me furious, but I tried to keep calm. As I opened my mouth to respond she asked “really, what would happen if he ate dairy?” Still trying to remain calm I explained just how serious their allergies were and how they could die from them. While she acted shocked, I knew she didn’t believe me.

When we got in the car the panic hit me. She just brought us our order and our four year old ate his whole meal! What if she hadn’t told the cooks about his allergy? Will he have a reaction? He ended up being fine, but I just don’t understand how people understand they severity of diabetes and other health problems, yet food allergies are concidered a “life style choice”

Is it the lack of education and awareness that make people question it? Is it that the fact that 20 years ago they didn’t have the technology and medical research to really understand the allergy world?  Whatever the reasoning may be, no one chooses this life style. Nobody hopes for a child with food allergies, or to avoid foods and carry an Epi Pen every where they go. It’s not a life style choice, it’s our only choice to keep our children safe!



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