It’s the little things!

Today is our sons last day of Pre K and it’s bittersweet. His graduation isn’t until Friday, but his last day to play with his friends, learn from his teachers and be a student in that classroom.

I could not be happier with how this year went. We only had one  scare from a bus indecent in which our son was given chocolate as a treat for being so well behaved on the bus. In school his teachers were amazing! In contact with me about each and every party, celebration, and event to make sure we were on the same page for our sons sake. Always asking other parents to follow a certain list for parties so our son could feel safe and enjoy the treats that were offered, and even going out and buying popsicles for the class but checking with me first. Words could never express how grateful my husband and I are for the little things that made our son safe and happy.  💙💙

Beware of Labels!

Okay, I haven’t had much time to write lately with this crazy end of the year stuff, our son’s birthday was last week, and our daughter was having a lot of trouble sleeping.

About a month ago our daughter started crying, moaning, and rolling around in her sleep, ALL NIGHT!! We had tried everything we could think of. Maybe teething or growing pains so we gave her Advil, maybe  reflux so we propped her up at night, maybe she was hungry or too full, and the list went on. After two weeks we took her to the doctors to rule out anything major but he couldn’t find anything wrong with her!

I saw a post going around Facebook about natural sweetener being another name for corn syrup now! I even commented on posts about this, but it never really hit me until I was feeding our corn allergic daughter one day.

I picked up a box of crackers and re-read the ingredients. Natural sweetener and natural flavorings were listed. I contacted the company asking what these contained. They both contained corn in some form (corn syrup or cornstartch) not to mention they may contain soy and  dairy (which are two more of her allergens)!

I stopped those crackers immediately and she hasn’t been screaming at night. No more crying and rolling around. She still randomly moans, but I think that’s just a habit.

How can companies get away with not listing all ingredients?? Some people are highly allergic to these ingredients. Just like non dairy doesn’t mean dairy free!

By the time our children are adults, I will be a nutritionist☺

Bullying and Allergies!

I brought this topic up over the summer before our son started Pre K and I had an unbelievable amount of messages and comments on how this stuff doesn’t really happen. That nobody really cares what kids can or can’t eat. However, I truly think people are blind to it. People find flaws in others and point them out. Especially kids! Thankfully our sons teacher approached his allergy  in a positive way making the kids very understanding to his situation. However these statistics don’t sit well with me. FB_IMG_1495206542450

Food Allergy Awareness Week!

Did you know, one bite of food can send someone into a anaphylaxis reaction!?!?

Today I want to recognize everyone who has food allergies, everyone who has to be extra careful, pack their own food, and lives in fear of cross contamination! Today I want to give a special shout out to my kids!
My almost five year old son, who introduced me to not only the mommy world, but this allergy world that I knew nothing about. He is one of the most outgoing kids I know, loves to be social and wants to be involved. He never complains about having to take his own snack as long as he is included. He not only looks out for himself but also his baby sister! Always asking me to make sure she can have the food I’m giving her and always telling her why she can’t eat something. He has opened my eyes to so much I never knew existed!
To my 16 month old daughter, the kid who has kept us on our toes. From having her first reaction at 6months old, to her ER trip at 9months, to finding out just how many allergens she really has. The doctors remind us at every visit how complex her case is, yet she doesn’t let that hold her back. She is hitting every milestone on time (or before) and is moving up the growth chart like a champ! She is happy go lucky and loves her big brother to pieces!
Being a food allergy mommy isn’t easy but I wouldn’t choose anyone else to help guide me through it. NAW💙 ARW💜